Town Square Planning, Inc. started out in March, 2005 as a planning and consulting firm concentrated in the Coachella Valley, California.  As an urban planner, focused on the cities in the Coachella Valley, Susan E. Williams worked on many projects first as city staff, then, as a consultant. Susan's career began in 1973 and has continued through 2015. 


As a Department 56 collector of miniatures, she and her associates designed many miniature towns and photographed them.  In addition, her love of genealogy has been combined with her love for data and resulted in a combination of those two fields to create a new way of looking at the phenomenal growth throughout the valley during her career. 


Emphasis in the company by the associates is focused on using computer technology and photography to create more realistic miniature towns and to weave those skills into the planning for virtual towns.  Special effects, lighting, sound and animation are their emphasis, while Susan continues her focus on the growth of the Coachella Valley in California.

Town Square Planning, Inc.